Youtube Video Contest

Youtube Video Contest

Join the Chatki YouTube Video Contest for an opportunity to win $10,000!

We are challenging YouTube stars, personalities, Omegle users and creative talents to produce a viral video around the theme of Chatki, the popular random chat platform. All entrants have full creative license for the theme, production, and topic of the video, but the content must be related to Chatki in some form. Ideas for great viral videos are found on our Videos Page, some of the videos listed on this page were created on Omegle.

The competition is judged on the number of YouTube views obtained by the video during the contest timeframe. For a full list of video requirements, guidelines, and contest rules, see the section below.

The Prizes

Prizes are awarded to the ten videos that receive the highest number of views as judged by Chatki, the video with the highest view count wins the grand prize.
1st Place

1st Place

Highest View Count
2nd Place

2nd Place

Runner Up
3rd Place

3rd Place

Nice Try
4th - 10th Place

4th - 10th Place

Honorable Try

Winners are chosen solely based on the number of views received on YouTube. All entrants must submit their entry along with a waiver and release for their video as outlined in the rules, requirements & guidelines below. Failure to submit the requested materials may result in disqualification. The use of robotic or automated devices for increasing the number of YouTube views is strictly prohibited and may result in disqualification.

All prize winners will be notified by email or phone shortly after the completion of the contest. The top three submissions will also be announced on the Chatki website.

How to enter

There are three simple steps for entry to the Chatki YouTube Contest:

Create a video using the Chatki chat platform as the central theme.


Upload the video to YouTube on an account which allows public viewing and embedding. Include the word “Chatki” at the beginning of the video title, example “Chatki: Don’t Jump! A Scare Prank on Chatki”. Add the tag “Chatki” to the video on YouTube.


Submit your entry by sending an email to with the Video Title, Contestant’s Name, Contestant’s Email Address, Phone Number, Link to the video on YouTube.

The deadline for entries is January 31st 2019, at 11:59pm Pacific Time. Entries received after the deadline will not be accepted. The final results are judged on views received until March 31st 2019, at 11:59pm Pacific Time.

Rules, Requirements & Guidelines

Stuff you need to know before entering the contest.

General Rules:

  • By submitting a video, participants agree to abide by all rules, requirements, and guidelines set out for this contest. All matters relating to the contest are settled by Chatki whose decisions are final on all and any issues which may arise.
  • Videos must not violate any law or depict an illegal act. All entrants must be over the age of 18 at the time of submission.
    Entrants must have written consent and/or permission from all identifiable persons featured in the video to use their name or likeness in the content.
  • All information provided may be used for the promotion of this contest including the use of third parties for the purposes of publicizing the competition.
  • All entrants confirm they are the authorized account holder of the email address and YouTube account used to submit the video.
    Chatki does not accept responsibility for technical, hardware, or software malfunctions caused by the user or any equipment utilized in the contest.
  • Chatki reserves the right to postpone or cancel the contest if any aspect of the competition becomes corrupted. Any unsportsmanlike behavior, including tampering with viewing figures for an entry, harassment in the production of a video, or other behavior determined by Chatki to be irresponsible may result in the disqualification of an entry from the contest.
  • The entrant is responsible for all costs, production and promotional, for their video.


The submission of a video into the contest grants Chatki and its affiliates the perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide right to use, edit, and reproduce the content for editorial, commercial, and promotional purposes. Upon entry to the contest, the user automatically assigns Chatki all rights and titles in any reproduction or derivative work using the video. All entries shall not infringe on any trademark or copyright in any way. Entrants warrant that they have the right to grant all licenses and copyright to Chatki and waive the right to approve uses of the entry or receive compensation for such uses. Entrants warrant that they have read and understood all rules, requirements, and guidelines, and agree fully with them.


  1. The creation, production, and promotional costs are fully assumed by the contestant.
  2. Videos may not infringe on copyright or other intellectual properties.
  3. Any logos or trademarks visible on clothing worn in the video must be blurred or blocked in the final edit of the video.
  4. Any watermark, logo, trademark or copyright other than Chatki must be hidden from view throughout the entirety of the video.
  5. The representation of celebrities and other well-known figures may only be portrayed as parody.
  6. Any offensive materials, anti-social behavior, or other materials considered damaging to Chatki’s reputation featured in the video may result in disqualification.
  7. All entries must be submitted as outlined above under “How to Enter”.
  8. All entries become the property of Chatki upon submission.

Please read the full contest terms, conditions & rules.

Any questions or queries may be sent to