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Prank Videos on ChatKi

Check out these awesome and funny videos by some of the best pranksters online. Laugh, jump, cringe, and cry as people get scared by nightmare creatures, think they are meeting their favorite celebrity, and try to hit on hot girls! You will love this collection of Chatki videos and the reactions of people as they realize they are being pranked!

Amazing Prank Videos Library

We have assembled some of the best prank videos online so you can enjoy them all in one place. There is nothing funnier than watching the reaction of people as a nightmare vision appears on their screen or when they think they have connected with their favorite celebrity. From scare videos to prank videos and everything in between, you won’t be able to stop watching this hilarious collection on Chatki.

What Are Prank Videos?

Prank videos on Omegle are recordings of people playing tricks on unsuspecting victims. When you randomly connect with someone on chat, the last thing you expect is for them to turn into a grinning serial killer or to meet a famous YouTuber. However, this is exactly what happens in these videos. The genuine reactions of victims is what makes these videos so hilarious!