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Scare prank on Omegle

Found Dad On Omegle

Get ready for some serious cringe as this hot girl tries to find her daddy on Omegle.
Scare prank on Omegle

Caught Boss On Omegle

Laugh, cry and cringe at the range of characters this girls bumps into on Omegle as she plays
Scare prank on Omegle

Found Ex On Omegle

Laugh at the amazing range of people this sexy girl meets on Omegle as she plays some pranks
Scare prank on Omegle

Meeting Pewdiepie On Omegle

What are the chances of bumping into PewDiePie on Omegle? SSSniperWolf can’t believe her luck
Scare prank on Omegle

Smiley On Omegle

One of the funniest scare prank Omegle videos around, you will laugh your socks off as you watch people scream

Vol 4: Only Girls Understand

Have you ever wondered what on Earth a girl is saying, doing, or just generally on about? This hilarious Omegle video perfectly sums it up as a guy goes on a quest to meet new girls but just ends up confused. Watch as he hits on a girl while talking to a random guy who is ordering food from Sonic, see a tattooed girl talk about the craziest things you’ve ever heard, and watch as girls try to understand the simplest game in the world! This video may not help you understand girls any better, but it will definitely make you laugh!